Gabriella Mlynarczyk

The Rebujito; Credit: Gabriella Mlynarczyk

Grape Expectations

The season for these precious balls of piquant sweetness is late July and into September if we're lucky. While I love to gobble them up as fast as possible, I also want to relish their fragrant goodness long after the season has passed. I'm not a jam maker — there's too much sterilizing and fiddling with tongs for my liking — so instead I alchemize them into consommé....
Aperol spritz; Credit: Karl Steuck

Carrot Juice Is the Secret to a Hopping Good Aperol Spritz

The current carrot Aperol concoction blowing all other refreshments out of the water at Accomplice is our riff on the Aperol Spritz, using equal parts fresh carrot juice and Aperol, tarted up with Japanese yuzu and sparkling yuzu sake. Cardamom and a wee drop of vanilla create depth and complexity....
Gabriella Mlynarczyk with her creation

This Spring-Inspired Cocktail Is Buzzworthy

There are numerous ways you can partake in the ambrosial experience of bee pollen — a co-worker of mine sprinkles it on her morning toast, or perhaps you might choose to whip it into a smoothie. Since I’m in the business of making beverages, my suggestion is to mix both local pollen and raw honey into a soothing, delicious cocktail inspired by the classic “Bees Knees.”...
Gabriella Mlynarczyk with the Lunar New Year Salty Dog; Credit: Anne Fishbein

A Salty Dog Cocktail for the Year of the Dog (With Recipe)

Citrus season is upon us in sunny SoCal and I’m on the hunt for the most delicious specimens our local grow-smiths have to offer. When I hit the mosh pit that is Santa Monica Farmer’s Market — to get the best loot, elbows often need to be used — my first stop is Garcia Organic Farms, where the plump and fragrant orbs of grapefruity goodness beckon me to come hither....
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