Emmett Shoemaker

Osbourne and Butler Q Credit: Emmett Shoemaker

Black Sabbath Is Back! Ozzy and Company Discuss Their New Album

Black Sabbath Harmony Gold Music 6/6/13 Forty-three years after singlehandedly inventing heavy metal, Black Sabbath are set to release 13, next week, their 19th studio album, and first to feature the (mostly) original lineup of Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, and Ozzy Osbourne since 1978's Never Say Die. See also: The......
Iceage; Credit: Emmett Shoemaker

Iceage – The Echoplex – 3/29/13

Iceage The Echoplex 3/29/13 Better Than... Throwing elbows to meet Joy Division's Peter Hook at his book signing in Silver Lake a couple weeks ago. To say that the lads in Copenhagen band Iceage don't give a fuck would not be entirely accurate, but it goes a ways in expressing......
Chelsea Wolfe; Credit: Emmett Shoemaker

Chelsea Wolfe – First Unitarian Church – 02/08/13

Chelsea Wolfe First Unitarian Church 02/08/13 Better Than... staring into the Nietzschean abyss. Chelsea Wolfe embraces darkness, seems to live by it, even. "Dark" is the best way to describe last year's Apokalypsis, an album that won accolades for melding black metal and American roots music, among other things......
Sunn O))); Credit: Timothy Norris

The Power of the Riff – Fonda Theater – 12/20/12

The Power of the Riff Fonda Theater 12/20/12 Better Than... counting down your Mayan advent calendar at home alone. Despite the US Government's attempt to convince us otherwise, we attended metal festival The Power of the Riff last night hoping that the end was, to quote 28 Days Later, "extremely......
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