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Jubilee Preview: XBXRX Have Been Banned From Venues. So Many Times

Punk legends XBXRX have a reputation for raucous shows, driven by their frenzied stage theatrics that have sometimes left members hospitalized. The group, which is now based in L.A. and performs at Silver Lake Jubilee tomorrow, are quite provocative, donning various uniforms for performances, and sometimes eschewing song titles. Their......
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Author Jeff Chang: Hip-hop Predicted the L.A. Riots

Jeff Chang is the author of Can't Stop Won't Stop, perhaps the most important book about hip-hop ever written. In the tome he explores West Coast rap through the lens of the riots (among other subjects). We spoke with him about how politics and hip-hop affected, and were affected by,......

L.A. Rappers Speak On The Riots: Our Complete Coverage

Over the past week, West Coast Sound has brought you interviews with local rappers whose music and lives have been profoundly affected by the L.A. riots. Today we present all of them together, beginning with a rare video of Tupac Shakur (above) giving his thoughts on the riots, a week......
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El Prez Saw a Liquor Store Go Up In Flames

South L.A.-raised rapper El Prez is all about the city. He named one of his albums Animal Style! after the In-N-Out add-on. On the cover of his 2008 album Prezanomics, he poses in front of the Forum. And on his Tumblr, he forms the initials "L.A." with his fingers. Believing......
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Mono/Poly Disses Obama, Praises Ron Paul

It was the '90s in Bakersfield, and West Coast gangster rap gripped much of the town. But Charles Dickerson felt bored. So he ignored what was popular, sticking with his beloved electronic music. He now performs under the name Mono/Poly, and released an EP under Brainfeeder last year. The 25-year-old......
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