Eddie Lin

Credit: Eddie Lin

First Look: Oh Man! Ramen Makes Its Own Noodles and MSG

Just when it appeared like Los Angeles’ restaurant scene couldn’t accommodate another ramen joint into its already brimming, bubbling bowl, we see more of the popular Japanese noodle’s purveyors sprout up like delicious dandelions between cracks on a sidewalk. This only means it’s time to put on bigger ramen pants......
Credit: Eddie Lin

Taiwanese Street Food Reigns at Chinatown's Lao Tao

Street food seems to be a road every food lover wants to travel on nowadays. Los Angeles provides enough options in this casual category to cover a six-lane highway, and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. Now piling on the very large plate occupied by the likes......
Credit: Photo: Eddie Lin

At Tuck Room Tavern, Come for the Tiki Drinks and Stay for the Desserts

When an exciting new restaurant opens in Los Angeles, L.A. Weekly heads in for a First Look, a short review based on a single visit. If you're hungry for more, see our starred restaurant reviews. If you remember visiting Tanzy before it closed, you’d recall a restaurant that greeted guests with......
Kottu roti at Asian Lanka; Credit: Eddie Lin

Asian Lanka: Finding Sri Lanka's Culinary Identity

Taric, a Sri Lankan immigrant and a regular at Asian Lanka Restaurant in Reseda, is one of those gregarious strangers who can trigger hunger pangs when he speaks to you about food while you wait in line to order. Ingredients and cooking methods leap off his tongue. Even if you're......
Plan Check's pot roast; Credit: Eddie Lin

Plan Check: How Is This Restaurant Not Like the Others?

Scattered around Los Angeles are restaurants that could be used as examples for teaching kids how to differentiate among objects. "One of these things is not like the others" lessons. Petrillo's on Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel, a solo Italian neighborhood restaurant bobbing up and down in a sea of......
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