Dommy Gonzalez

The Contenders; Credit: D. Gonzalez

Top 5 Ketchups to Make Room For in the Fridge + Ketchup and Food Pairings

Ketchup, with its pleasant balance of sweet and bright, for many people becomes ingrained in memory, often the first exposure we have to umami's savory taste. Which is why, no matter if daintily dipped or slathered on, ketchup exemplifies Merriam-Webster's definition of condiment, "to enhance the flavor of food." Ketchup's......
Ready for National Iced Tea Month...; Credit: D. Gonzalez

Top 5 Iced Teas to Make at Home

Food and drinks become associated with many things, one of which can be the sensation of sun hitting bare skin -- and the accompanying urge to grab a jug and a couple of tea bags. Which is maybe the reason June has been designated as National Iced Tea Month. Why......
Credit: screenshot of Got Milk ad

Salma Hayek's Got Milk Campaign + Top 5 Easy Breakfast Ideas

Recently, actress Salma Hayek was announced as the latest celebrity to be milk-mustached by the Milk Processor Education Program, otherwise known as the "Got Milk" people. Hayek's ads will promote the new The Breakfast Project campaign, which touts milk as key to a good breakfast. In the commercial, Hayek makes......
The Original L.A. Snap: Tortilla chip; Credit: D. Gonzalez

A Tortilla Chip Rundown for the Big Game

The matchup: set. The invites: made. The main: seafood, thin-crust pizzas, maybe both combined. And the snack: The one thing from Los Angeles that makes an appearance at nearly every 'Big Game' Sunday -- not that we are bitter -- tortilla chips. Much like the lore behind other popular Mexican......
Show No Fear: The Pantry; Credit: D. Gonzalez

Top 5 Items to Get Your Pantry Back in Order & Where to Get Them

Most great dishes start in the same place: the pantry. Pantry staples like oils, spices and grains are essentials in most recipes. Yet far too often, our pantries turn into places where ingredients get lost rather than used. Unlike those already forgotten New Year's resolutions, getting a pantry back into......
Not your usual plate of Porto's: Dulce de Leche Kisses; Credit: D. Gonzalez

The Dulce de Leche Kiss at Porto's Bakery

There are always certain points a holiday parties. The point at which someone has had just enough to drink to say something catty about the person who just happens to be standing right behind them. Then there is the point of the party when someone walks in carrying those distinctive......
Soba Noodle and Tofu Salad at Bloom Cafe; Credit: D. Gonzalez

A Tale of 3 Salads: Savoy Kitchen, Torihei + Bloom Cafe

Salads can be stealthy. Rarely does one say, "Lets go out for salad," yet a salad craving can hit anytime and anywhere. During the heat for some cool crunchy relief. Even during the winter as a break for the usual hearty fare. Salads are found on many menus regardless of......
Maybe one... or two: Borekas from Tarte Tatin Bakery; Credit: D. Gonzalez

Borekas at Tarte Tatin Bakery: Savory Among the Sweet

Usually, there's one overarching purpose that drives most visits to a bakery: a straight dose of the sweet stuff. That was our mission when we first visited the recently turned 1-year-old Beverly Hills bakery Tarte Tatin. But when looking over their pastry shelf, it wasn't some powdered sugar dusted specimen......
farmers market corn; Credit: A. Scattergood

Corn (Mini) Meal: Snacks in the 3 States of Corn

When it comes to the complex relationships with our food, there is perhaps none more duplicitous as the one we have with corn. It has been modified, vilified, and of course, deep fried. Still, we eagerly await its arrival every summer and can enjoy it in its various states in......
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