Diana Clarke

Cody Wilson the Anarchist shows off 3-D printed gun parts.; Credit: Courtesy of Print the Legend

Print the Legend Shows That, Yes, You Will Be Able to 3-D Print a Gun

In 2010, The Social Network fictionalized the dramatic building-up and falling-out around Facebook's founding. Four years later, the documentary Print the Legend, a Netflix original, needs no fictional filter. The filmmakers assume, rightly for the most part, that viewers will be invested in the origin story and power struggles at......
"You want to be taken seriously? Stop dressing like a little girl."  That's Joan to Peggy in season 1

Mad Men: Five Academic Theories Explaining Life at SCDP

Just as Mad Men charms its viewers by using sex, drugs, snappy banter, and pretty people to make heavy topics (sexism, racism, dreams diffused) palatable, the editors of Mad Men, Mad World trust that some TV glamour will get readers interested in digesting academic theories. It's not wrong. Full of......
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