Dexter Fishmore

From left: Mairead Nesbitt

The Ireland That Never Was

Nearly a thousand people gathered in Ventura County two weeks ago to watch a traveling minstrel show. No one onstage or in the gallery would have called it that. There was no blackface, no slapstick comedy set on an antebellum Southern plantation. This being the 21st century, our pop burlesque looks......

Show Choirs Rock

On a lit theater stage in Long Beach, Vince O'Connell cuts a dashing figure. He stands with his back to the audience in clothes that evoke Midtown Manhattan in the late Eisenhower period: slim-cut black suit, white shirt, narrow red tie. He is 18 years old. Downstage is 17-year-old Erica......


Thanks to the hit series Glee, mainstream culture is now attuned to the goofy charms of the high school choir scene: the "let's put on a show" spirit, the g...
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