David Davis

Jensen's Recreation Center was built in the 1920s and is a center point to Echo Park's Avenue of the Athletes.; Credit: L.A. Weekly

The Story Behind Echo Park's Avenue of the Athletes

This piece was created for Zocalo Public Square. Walking along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles the other day I stumbled across an old acquaintance. On a small bronze plaque embedded into the sidewalk was the name Jimmy McLarnin, alongside a set of boxing gloves. In his prime, in the 1920s......

Doggin' It

You won't find a trace of cowboy-turned-movie-legend Bill Pickett during the airing of "Separate Cinema," the monthlong festival of "race" films currently airing on the Turner Classic Movies cable network. More's the pity, because Pickett has achieved the type of mythical status that only disappearing acts can engender: No copies......

Double Fault

Peter Fischer, the pediatric endocrinologist who helped coach and mold tennis star Pete Sampras, will be sentenced next week to six years in state prison for molesting children. Under a plea bargain, Fischer has admitted guilt on two counts of unlawful penetration, while 11 other counts against him will be......
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