Daniel Siwek

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Synths of Our Fathers

“We are living in the future, the 21st century,” teases Barry Seven (a.k.a. Barry Smith) of Add N to (X), “but I don’t see any plastic houses, and we‘re not floating in the air.” Instead, the group play with toys -- Richard Claydon fools with a theremin; Seven collects live......
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Shock Treatment

In his new book, Chelsea Horror Hotel, Dee Dee Ramone brings to life an era that’s been dead for a while, though some refuse to let sleeping dogs lie. Dee Dee‘s beloved dog Banfield was welcome at 222 23rd Street, and that’s why after 20 years Dee Dee found himself......

Welcome to the Machine

Photo by Larry Hirshowitz Nik Frost is just inches away from the ever-elusive record deal that can make him a household name and maybe provide him with a house on the beach. Though he’s currently in the catbird seat fielding offers from competing record companies, this affair didn’t happen overnight......
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