Daniel Chamberlin

Diamonds in the Rough

When you walk out on the dry, brittle surface of Searles Lake, sunbaked salt crystals break off and blow across the ground, tinkling like ice on hard-pack snow. The salt flats cover 35 square miles of Great Basin desert that ranges from fields of crystalline dirt with the texture and......
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Shockwave Rider

Photo by Sasha Eisenman In the summer of 2000, Royal Trux, one of the greatest rock bands of the ’90s, seemed to be on a roll. The two core members — the husband-and-wife team of Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema — had kicked infamous heroin habits and were on tour......
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Jesus Was a Luthier

In the backroom of the Folk Music Center in Claremont, California, Henry Barnes is assessing dusty stringed instruments made out of dead animals. Barnes is a tall man with a footlong beard, and tangled gray hair that escapes from under a dilapidated denim cap. Scores of charangos and tiples, bass......
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