Colin Stutz

The show was over before 11 p.m.

30 Seconds to Mars at The Fox Theater Pomona: Live Review

Amidst all the moshing, the sweating, the screaming, as rash a sold-out rock show it might have seemed, there were a few rules to abide by Friday night at the Fox Theater in Pomona. Conducted by Jared Leto, the chiseled actor-turned-frontman for the epic L.A. alt-rock outfit 30 Seconds to Mars, every piece of the 2,000-person audience was to jump when he said so, scream when he said so, and absolutely sing its heart out when he said so. It was to wave its hands in the air or whip out a cell phone, camera or lighter for the slower songs. It was to introduce itself to the person next to it, make friends, strengthen that bond within the "30 Seconds to Mars family". And, yes, it was to "go nuts" when told to too. Sure enough, the audience obliged, giving Leto and his comrades what he claimed to be the best show yet on the 20-date tour they are now on. No matter that this night was just the fourth of such. "It's feels so good to be home," he told his audience early on.

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