Clare Kleinedler

A peek inside the now-empty Paseo Cantina; Credit: Clare Kleinedler

Paseo Colorado: When One Door Closes, Another Opens

A quick walk around the second level of Paseo Colorado's east wing reveals virtual tumbleweeds blowing through the newly-emptied retail and restaurant spaces. Within the last few months, three businesses have hit the dust: D'Vine Wine, a make-your-own-wine shop, Pasadena Jazz Institute, a non-profit music instruction facility, and Paseo Cantina,......
Crusty baguettes for the taking at Breadbar; Credit: Courtesy of Breadbar

10 Best Baguettes: Chew on This

Those on the Atkins diet, read no further. This is for the carb-loving folk who liken finding the perfect baguette to meeting the love of his or her life. Is there anything that evokes as much happiness as a warm, crusty, slightly chewy and somewhat airy loaf of golden French......
The Nose Wine Cellar's Stephan Yim gets some air; Credit: Clare Kleinedler

The Nose Knows: Pasadena's Hidden Wine Bar

Though the Nose Wine Cellar has been open for over five years, neighborhood folks in Pasadena are still discovering this cozy little wine bar and shop. Perhaps it's the hidden location behind a row of stores on Colorado Boulevard outside of Old Town. Or, maybe it's because the Nose's owner,......