Chuck Mindenhall

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East of the Moon

Photo by Gregory Bojorquez ON A SIX-MONTH SOJOURN THROUGH ASIA IN 1997, Ethan Holtzman had a revelatory moment by the ruins of Angkor Wat, near Phnom Penh. Holtzman's Scottish traveling companion Russ had been bitten by a mosquito, and during their ride to the ruins Russ turned pale and began......
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Beautiful Things and a Little Pain

REMY ZERO The Golden Hum (Elektra) For Remy Zero‘s much-anticipated follow-up to the crestfallen memoir Villa Elaine to materialize, it took 1,300 days -- a time that saw the band change labels, saw them deal with the first round of celebrity-cultism and recoil deep into one another, saw them further......
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Welcome to the Castle

When songwriter Brandon McCulloch moved from Washington, D.C., into the Villa Elaine apartment complex on Vine Street four years ago, he wasn’t feeling picky, and he had no hint of the serendipity he was about to encounter -- he was desperate and took the first place he could find. At......
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Circle of One

Virginia Ann Tate may be the very definition of an American hero. To her, proving that individualism is not necessarily a form of selfishness was an unconscious pursuit. She was a performance artist in the South, into spiritualism, an empiricist. And she knew how to raise her children, blue-eyed Shelby......
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Music Pho the Masses

“This is my life‘s joy,” explained “Sunday Pho” pioneer Jim Griffin, “having all these people from various walks of life theorizing and hypothesizing about intellectual properties, with emphasis on the digital . . . what else is there?” Not much for the 70 or so musicians, managers, Web-site designers, radio......
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