Chuck Eddy

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Glam Flock

Earlier this year in their highly acclaimed movie, the Spice Girls covered Gary Glitter's juvenile-delinquent shout "I'm the Leader of the Gang"; next to "Wannabe," it's the best song they've ever done. When I played Virgin Records' 1988 Glam Rock videotape for my 9-year-old daughter, Coco, and she saw hairy......
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The Six-Strings Mystique

A few years ago, bored by grunge and late speed metal and still lamenting the loss of pretty glam in prettier haircuts, I thought loud guitar bands had entirely run out of both options and steam - the only stuff I was liking was sung in Spanish, which I don't......

As the World Turns

Welcome to Our World by the newly chart-busting Virginia duo Timbaland and Magoo is one of the weirdest and most deadpan-conversational hip-hop albums ever made. A lot of it reads like some Zen-sage Seinfeld junkie haiku-ing off the top of his head: "This is my dialogue on this album." "Last......
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Highway 65 Revisited

So I get this 12-inch record in the mail; front cover proclaims "Not if You Were the Last Dandy on Earth!" The vinyl itself has no artist names or song titles or words at all on its white label. The A-side does appear to be an actual song, but the......
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