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Yarr Yarr Yarr

With a kick-kick-snare, the new YYYs record opens with the drumbeat from Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and you think: Kick-kick-snare! Mission statement! Kick-kick-snare! Grand ambitions! Kick-kick-snare! Fearless rock reinvention! Kick-kick-snare! Nose-thumbing modernism! Then those four bars are up, and so is the jig, as “Gold Lion” plods its Tegan......
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T. Rex, Baby.

For the curious or devoted, the concert-plus-druggy-vignettes film, T. Rex: Born to Boogie, was released last year on DVD (Sanctuary Classics). “Directed” by Ringo Starr in ‘72, it is, unfortunately, pretty awful. The accompanying documentary about the making of the film, hosted by Bolan’s son Rolan, though, is quite interesting......
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Dig That Reseda Hairline

Adler’s Appetite at Paladino’s, January 13 Adler’s Appetite at Paladino’s, January 13 Getting kicked out of Guns N’ Roses for doing too many drugs — that’s like getting kicked out of Hickory Farms for liking cheese — man, you gotta be one screwed-up junkie dirtbag. Yet original Guns drummer Steven......
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Is This It?

Remember when you first heard about the Strokes? It just seemed so ridiculous. Remember? Sure you do! Over-hyped, good-looking posers whose parents were ’tainment-biz big shots who you just know got them a record deal for Christmas. And so smug and East Coast-y! They met in boarding school, for chrissake,......
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