Caroline Fraser

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Southern Gothic Posturing

According to the blow-by-blow in The New York Times -- a 1992 article recounting the fantastically successful media frenzy ignited by Knopf over its publication of The Secret History, a first novel by a 28-year-old former Bennington student -- Tina Brown, then the editor of Vanity Fair, leaned across a......
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A Natural History of Emotions

HATESHIP, FRIENDSHIP, COURTSHIP, LOVESHIP, MARRIAGE: STORIES | By ALICE MUNRO Knopf | 326 pages | $24 hardcover As far as literature goes, we live in an age besotted with the novel. Overwhelmingly the choice of Oprah, book clubs and bestseller lists, the novel is literature-as-comfort-food: soap opera--ish, lulling, involving, providing......
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Since the morning of February 11, 1963, when the 30-year-old American poet Sylvia Plath placed bread and milk by her children’s bedsides, taped up the doors and windows of her London kitchen, put her head in the oven and gassed herself, an academic and publishing industry has grown up around......
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