C. R. Stecyk

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Anatomy of an Aesthetic Criminal

Click here for "The Rise of the Seventh Letter," by Shelley Leopold. The lawyers say I must achieve distance via plausible deniability. So, hypothetically speaking only . . . it never occurred. At all. This is a piece of fiction. Please convey my due respect to the court. I emphatically deny all......

Pumping Sunshine

Aaron Rose had the offer; I needed the gig. Thus we found ourselves driving a truckload of art to an institution in another state. Occasionally, he would speak. “Plan to arrive late and leave early.” “This thing ain’t about money, it’s all about fun.” His musings grated. I needed to......

Valhalla on a Tank of Gas

Not that I was ever all that quick myself. But my friends run fast. I used to drive the sort of performance-enhanced machines that attracted attention and invariably led to code infractions. More recently, the passage of time, acts of God, the hand of man and the wrath of woman......
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