Brenna Sanchez

(Illustration by Ronald Kurniawan)

Best Offshore Romantic Getaway

{mosimage}A gondola ride through Venice’s Grand Canal with the love of one’s life (or a sizzling 22-year-old Italian named Claudio) is the epitome of romance. Gondola Amore, in the Redondo Beach Marina, has brought the postcard image stateside. By sunset, moonlight, or the warm light of day, the outfit offers......
(Illustration by Ronald Kurniawan)

Best Place to Pet a Shark

{mosimage}Exactly 353 paces down the planks of Manhattan Beach Pier sits the Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium, which is as big as the average two-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. But that’s the beauty of it. With the prodigious Long Beach and Monterey Bay aquariums relatively nearby, the Roundhouse is a......
(Illustration by Ronald Kurniawan)

Best Theater Featuring a Chorus of Frogs

{mosimage}Wildlife in the theater is generally considered a problem, but at the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum, in Topanga Canyon, it’s a boon. With an open stage set into one of the canyon’s many nooks, and bench seats stacked up a steep natural rise, the theater is a magical part of......
(Illustration by Ronald Kurniawan)

Best Cute Meet for Frenchies

{mosimage}It ain’t easy being cute. It’s a unique burden to be almost grotesquely adorable. Trundling about on their sawed-off legs, with oversize heads, ears like satellite dishes and faces that look as if they’ve seen the backside of the proverbial frying pan, French bulldogs have it tougher than other breeds......

Dreaming the Party

Photo by Mark Hunter I’ve always had a vibrant fantasy life. As a girl, I dreamed of married parents, boarding school and behaving badly enough to be grounded. I imagined myself as a grownup — unbound, dusty and gorgeous in the outback by day, smashing and intellectual in the city......
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