Bob Makela

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Best Place to Tee Up Change: Clothing of the American Mind

On a cool late Friday afternoon at Clothing of the American Mind in Echo Park, Carly Miller is explaining what makes for an effective political T-shirt. “First of all, you want it to be something that people want to wear,” says the New York native who helped her friend, COTAM’s......
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Best Pit Bull Whisperer: Kyle Schwab, Smashface Rescue

Kyle Schwab’s passion for underappreciated, misunderstood canines has gotten him in trouble over the years. It started during his senior year at Beverly Hills High School, when his father kicked him out of the house for bringing home a white boxer. In the years since, the former personal trainer, who’s......
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Captain Charles Moore

Captain Charles Moore rips open a Ziploc bag and sinks his calloused sailor’s hand into the bag’s colorful mush. “This is the new sand,” says the heavy-lidded 60-year-old boatman, surfer and scientist from his lush backyard in Belmont Shore. “The new plastic sand.” Kevin Scanlon (Click to enlarge) Moore, on......