Benjamin Weissman

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Snow Princes

Airplane-hopping, hotel-chillin’, trampoline-jumping, helicopter-riding, Nintendo-playing, booze-guzzling, weed-huffing, white-powder-chopping, fart-igniting, porno-consuming, mayhem-inducing. Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to present the professional male snowboarder -- a Homo sapiens who surfs big snowy mountains and throws down mad tricks in the Terrain Park, a human projectile so comfortable in the air......
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Graphic Stories

Though Lynda Barry is one of the country‘s top comic-strip artists, her second novel, Cruddy, a work of serious fiction, has been met with some skepticism; the literary world appears to have little interest in a person whose primary mission is drawing pictures and writing dialogue in word balloons for......
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Art by Heather Ramsey The first time I saw Marnie naked she was lying on her back in an ambulance while two paramedics cut her yellow Burton shell off her torso. The zipper must’ve been caught on the fabric. The medical boys sliced her jacket and all the fleece underlayers......
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A Sleek and Brilliant Monster

Art by Michael Kupperman David Foster Wallace is one badass fiction writer. His tractor-trailer-size novel Infinite Jest is one of the most important books of the last 10 years. And his book of essays A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again took the art of the personal essay to......
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