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Credit: flickr/ricardodiaz

The Dazzling Story of the Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre has six floors of dressing rooms, a film projector, a world-class sound system and one of the only surviving Wurlitzer theater organs in the country. It's also one of the last independent venues in the city. Ninety years in, it continues to thrive after more than 85......
Credit: Bailey Pennick

The Laurel Canyon Country Store's Interesting Musical History

The Canyon Country Store has been the makeshift cultural center of Laurel Canyon for a full century. Immortalized in the Doors song "Love Street," this deli-market is not a venue, but it's got historical music importance to spare, and continues to be -- as Jim Morrison put it -- the......
The Reseda Country Club today; Credit: Bailey Pennick

What Happened to the Reseda Country Club?

The San Fernando Valley doesn't come to mind when you think "iconic clubs," but in the 1980s the West Valley was the place to see acts like Tom Petty, Merle Haggard, Metallica and U2. See also: What Makes the Hollywood Bowl So Perfect? The Reseda Country Club, located on Sherman......
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What Makes the Hollywood Bowl So Perfect?

Is the Hollywood Bowl southern California's most beloved performance space? Quite possibly. Where else do folks brag not just about seeing an act, but about attending a venue itself? Seating 17,376 patrons, it hosts shows six-out-of-seven nights a week --Tuesdays and Thursdays are classical, Wednesdays jazz and the weekends reserved......
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