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Cochinita pibil tacos at Loteria Grill; Credit: Loteria Grill

10 Best Tacos on the Westside

Now don’t get your panties in a bunch — no one is saying that tacos on the Westside rival those on the Eastside. That's just silly. There is, however, a claim to be made that the state of the taco west of the 405 is improving tremendously. Perhaps the dish......
The grilled octopus appetizer at Cecconi's; Credit: Cecconi's West Hollywood

8 Great Octopus Dishes in L.A.

Like calamari, this once-exotic protein now seems as foreign as mozzarella sticks. But while octopus is common, perfectly prepared octopus is not. Here are eight octopus dishes we find unusually delicious. Smoke.Oil.Salt Every forkful of chef Perfecto Rocher’s food at Smoke.Oil.Salt exudes purpose, and that's because each component of a......
Puffed smelt at Scratch Bar; Credit: Scratch Bar

4 Smelt Dishes That Serve the Whole Fish

A plate of the tiny, mild smelt fish is the perfect finger-food appetizer. Usually served like calamari — fried up in a pile with some sort of dipping sauce — a small plate is enough to share. Averaging six to eight inches in length, these little guys are high in......
Cauliflower steak at Superba Snackbar; Credit: Pascal Shirley

5 Restaurants Where Vegetables Take Center Stage

It’s no longer the norm for the vegetable to sit idly on the sidelines as a mere side item. Though meat-focused restaurants are hardly diminishing in popularity, veggie-centered places are having their moment in L.A. and beyond.  Here are five restaurants at which the vegetable truly shines: Commissary Can a......
chocolate bars from Bar au Chocolat; Credit: Bar au Chocolat

6 Great L.A. Chocolatiers and Chocolate Shops

Instead of being touted as a day of love, Valentine's Day should just be rechristened to “National Chocolate Day," where it will be scrubbed of any treacly, romantic tropes and turned into a day of friendship. It could be a glorious day of gorging and sugar highs throughout the land,......
Piku fig burger at Pono Burger; Credit: Pono Burger

Pono Burger's Hawaiian-Born Chef Sees Burgers as a Canvas for Food Culture

Burgers made completely from scratch with specifically sourced, organic ingredients sounds like a simple enough idea, but few have the stamina, like Pono Burger’s Chef Makani Gerardi, to see this concept through so completely — especially when the concept is spread across two restaurants with an ocean between them.  With......
Pink snapper crudo at The Hungry Cat; Credit: Hungry Cat

5 L.A. Restaurants Catering to the Crudo Craze

Suddenly ubiquitous, crudo rivals kale in popularity on Los Angeles restaurant menus. Where tartare used to hold court, crudo now reigns supreme. But what is crudo exactly? Opinions differ — vociferously. Technically, crudo translates to “raw” in Italian. This applies to meat, fish and even vegetables (a close relation to......
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