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Last antiheroes standing: Amanda Peet and Hank Azaria; Credit: IFC

Give a Chance to Hank Azaria’s Brockmire, That Prick

For some reason, I can’t bring myself to hate Jim Brockmire. Played by comedian Hank Azaria, best known for his voice work on The Simpsons, Brockmire wears a perpetually wounded and somewhat confused expression, the look of a man coming off a bender who can’t find his car. His loud,......
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Offers a Twisted Look at Codependence

Even zombies need sensible snacks. In Sheila Hammond’s case, that means a baggie of severed fingers, which she munches like baby carrots while stalking her next victim in a parking garage, her pink “kill poncho” pulled tightly around her shoulders. In Santa Clarita Diet, the new 10-episode Netflix original series,......
A Cookie Cutter Christmas; Credit: Courtesy of Hallmark Channel

Ho Ho Hokey: How I Learned to Love Hallmark Christmas Movies

Whenever I tell someone I’ve been binging on Hallmark Christmas movies all day, there’s a certain amount of apology involved. “I know, they’re the worst,” I’ll concede, before the other person has had a chance to say anything. “The one I watched this morning was a real winner.” Usually whomever......
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

What Fox's Pitch Gets So Right About Being a Pioneering Woman

It’s fun watching Ginny Baker be rude to people. I was hesitant to give a chance to Pitch, the new Fox series imagining the life and career of the (fictional) first woman to play Major League Baseball, because I feared Ginny would be impossibly noble, driven and hardworking — the......

A Toast to Lena Dunham's Panties

Internet assholes are always yelling about what Lena Dunham doesn't wear on Girls, but let's talk about something she does. Bros who think everything should be marketed to them never get tired of pointing out that Dunham's Hannah Horvath seems to be topless more often than not, a point of......
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