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Fried beer; Credit: BBC

Fried Beer? Yes, Fried Beer

Fair food likes to straddle that fine, batter-flecked line between alluring and puke-worthy. Cases in point: Deep-fried bacon from Texas, spaghetti and meatball on a stick courtesy of Minnesota, and a California-bred Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, which, with a puddle of Smuckers honey sauce and a layer of melted Swiss......
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Pernod-graphy and Roasted Chicken, Courtesy of Molly Ringwald

Actress Molly Ringwald recently popped up on CHOW to share her "go-to dish": a 4.5-pound chicken, neither trussed nor basted, sprinkled with salt, pepper, and thyme, and perched on a mound of onion and lemon slices. She blasts her bird for 45 minutes in an ultra-clean oven and garnishes the......
Fish at Sydney Market; Credit: Charlie Brewer/Flickr

Russian Circus Act Cruel to Fish, People as Well

Restaurants can be circus acts. You know the type: massive, splashy, loud, with iffy, over-priced food and, more often than not, some off-putting, over-wrought theme. Still, even Ninja New York can't hold a candle to a real circus act, especially one involving eating, or at least something akin to it......
A pink banana pumpkin; Credit: analuciababy/Flickr

Sotheby's: Legendary Auction House and Local Greengrocer

Sotheby's usually concerns itself with selling famous paintings, rare books, and plush estates. Later this month, however, the fourth-largest auction house in the world will push the cream of a different crop: the sort farmers actually yank from the ground. On September 23rd, Sotheby's New York will host "The Art......
LA Greek Festival 2008; Credit: Flickr/robjtak

Opa On: Los Angeles Greek Fest 2010

We had our culinary awakening over fried smelts on a Greek island in the early 00s. This was before the Euro. It was the off-season; fares had been cheap, and suddenly we were lounging at a table three steps from a restaurant without a name. The sky was full of......
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