Fair food likes to straddle that fine, batter-flecked line between alluring and puke-worthy. Cases in point: Deep-fried bacon from Texas, spaghetti and meatball on a stick courtesy of Minnesota, and a California-bred Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, which, with a puddle of Smuckers honey sauce and a layer of melted Swiss cheese squeezed in between the doughnut layers and fried chicken patty, looks as bananas as it sounds. The latest high-calorie stomach-twister hails from Texas too, and it might be the only substance apart from a gallon of cream-logged Mudslide that, when consumed in very large amounts, might give you a heart attack and alcohol poisoning in one sitting.

Created by Plano-based concession stand conjurer Mark Zable, fried beer may look like ravioli, but it's actually a Guinness-filled satchel of pretzel dough. Each pocket is fried for only 20 seconds in oil heated to 375 degrees, thus ensuring that the exterior crisps up and the beer within remains alcoholic and, well, beer-like. The concoction won many fans at this year's Big Tex Choice Awards, taking Most Creative, but surrendered the coveted Best Taste to a fried Frito pie. It'll be sold at Zable's concession stands at the State Fair of Texas beginning September 26th. As for its availability in L.A., if anyone is feeling experimental, let us know.

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