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The Big Business of Fake Fans

In September 2012, a would-be pop star who goes by BAKER — one word, all caps — was scheduled to play the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip from 8 to 9 p.m. Tickets were available for $10 at eventbrite.com, a do-it-yourself event-ticketing site. Yet three months later, BAKER...

Los Globos Suing the City for $10 Million

Nightlife mogul Steven Edelson, the wealthy operator behind the renovated Los Globos club, has filed a $10 million claim against the city of Los Angeles, West Coast Sound has learned. The claim comes after the LAPD stripped Los Globos of its live music permits in October, though it has since......
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These Christmas Songs Are Not Actually About Christmas

Many so-called Christmas songs don't celebrate Christmas so much as the act of shopping. Other holiday tunes confuse that warm Christmas spirit feeling with that warm feeling in your pants. So, which of these songs are genuinely talking about the holidays, and which are just talking about raking in crap?......
No Age's show at Human Resources in June; Credit: Paul T. Bradley

Why Is L.A. the Most Popular City for Bands – By Far?

You need a car, there's way too many malls, the bars close early, and the neighbors are known to tattle on house shows. But yet Los Angeles is actually the music capital of the country, according to hard data! According to the just-released study by Richard Florida -- an Atlantic......
Volatile charmer: Joe Moller runs the nonprofit calling itself Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

Art Walk Los Angeles' Nasty War: Oops, Food Truck Ban Is Illegal

On the surface, Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is a celebration of local art, public space and nightlife, luring thousands of revelers and art lovers into the once-forgotten Historic Core on the second Thursday of each month. It is a deconstructed event, re-created each month by scores of private entrepreneurs......
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