Amanda Broder-Hahn

single green garbanzo; Credit: A. Broder-Hahn

What's in the Chef's Market Cart: Green Garbanzo Beans

What's in your cart, chef? This week, we asked Seth Greenburg, chef at The Penthouse Restaurant at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. Greenburg attends both the Wednesday and Saturday markets as consistently as any Los Angeles chef, and it's common for him to walk back and forth from market......
produce at Handsome Coffee; Credit: A. Broder-Hahn

The Produce Project: A Pop-Up Produce Market

While we love shopping at the Wednesday morning Santa Monica farmers market, we can't always get there before work. Shaheda Sadhal, former SMFM volunteer, and her Produce Project partner Sarah Delevan, have come up with a novel solution for those of us who want the selection and quality of the......
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