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The Canadian burger at 464 DTLA; Credit: 464 DTLA

Here Are the Craziest Burgers in L.A. Right Now

Excessively opulent sandwiches — the ones piled so high that two hands can barely contain the layers of meat and cheese — are having a bit of a moment in L.A. Here are six deliciously over-the-top, completely delicious burgers to eat right now....
Grilled "barbecue" oysters at L Credit: Anne Fishbein

The 5 Best Spots to Eat Oysters in L.A.

L.A.’s proximity to the aquatic breadbasket of the Pacific Ocean keeps our seafood restaurants stocked year-round, but many people consider winter the prime time to consume oysters. The briny aphrodisiacs are gracing menus across the city — often accompanied by truly excellent deals. Consider this a short list to the......
Smoked king oyster buns at Arata; Credit: Rachel Carr

The Best Restaurant Pop-Ups to Visit Before the End of Summer

Is there a better time to be a food lover than during summer? The bounty of produce and possibility of outdoor seating tempts chefs into creating new concepts, and with L.A.'s emerging pop-up restaurant culture, these culinary dreams can become brief realities. The swift approach of August means these temporary restaurants’ days are numbered......
Elote (and a brisket sandwich) at Dodger Stadium; Credit: Rachael Narins

5 Foods That Instantly Taste Like Summer in L.A.

Angelenos are blessed with a pretty mild interpretation of seasonal changes: it rarely if ever snows, rains only sometimes, and stays about 70 degrees almost year-round. Still, there’s something magical about the full bloom of summer. The nights get warmer, beach days more frequent and a whole menu of summer meals becomes all......
Salt s new fermentation series; Credit: Photo: Jean Trinh

5 Frozen Summer Treats That Are Anything but Basic

Let’s be blunt: the heat wave earlier this month was brutal — and it doesn't look like it's going to cool down anytime soon.  In our eyes, the only upside to temperatures well over 100 degrees is the necessity of consuming vast quantities of ice cream. It’s not gluttony, it’s......
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