Alicia Lozano

This X-ray image of CB 1's crystal structure is the first step in understanding why THC affects the humans brain.; Credit: Courtesy Stevens Laboratory

Scientists Closer to Understanding Why Weed Gets Us High

Scientists are getting closer to understanding how marijuana gets people high thanks to new X-ray images of an ornery protein that has eluded researchers for years. The recent passage of loosened marijuana regulations will also allow more scientists to study the substance. Cannabinoid receptor 1, or CB1, is an unstable protein......
The University of California at San Diego’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research is conducting a two-year study on the effects of driving while stoned.; Credit: Courtesy Dr. Tom Marcotte

New Study Examines Medical Marijuana's Effects on Drivers

With just a few short weeks until the November 8 election, opponents and supporters of Proposition 64 continue to make the case for and against recreational marijuana. Polls suggest a majority of Californians, support legalizing marijuana for recreational use — 58 percent, to be exact, according to a recent Los......
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