Aimee Murillo

What this guy's T-shirt said; Credit: Photo by Josue Rivas

The 7 Types of Douchebags You Meet at Coachella

It really does take many kinds of people to make a world, some good, some bad. And then there's the really bad, and the ugly. And now that Coachella is upon us once again, we're reminded of the ugliest types of people to be stuck in a blazing desert with,......
Robert K. Elder; Credit: Esther Kang

Directors Discuss the Obscure, Bizarre Films They Love

Robert K. Elder, a writer and editor at the Chicago Sun-Times, is a veteran of crowdsourced cinephilia, having written The Film That Changed My Life, featuring discussions with film directors on the subject. His new book is The Best Films You've Never Seen, which discusses those films that never received......
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