FYF Fest is not for the faint of heart. It has been plagued in the past with long lines to get in and for basic necessities like food and water. Ok, it has had its hiccups. In its favor? The lineup.

FYF's success comes from a solid lineup, which interestingly enough has become a rare thing. While kids are more concentrated on what drugs they are going to take at Coachella than what bands are going to play, FYF fans are doing the exact opposite. Even through all their complaints, people leave FYF with smiles on their faces (so what if that's just from dehydration and delirium brought on by starvation?).

FYF started tweeting hints as to who's playing this year. We love guessing games.

The first hint?

So, who do we think the first announced band will be?

UPDATE: We were wrong.

So who do you think it is?

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