Did you know that there are 93 restaurants that currently deliver to the LA Weekly offices in Culver City, or would if anyone ever called them? How do I know that? Because a minute ago, in a calorie-deprived stupor after having again forgotten to bring lunch to work, I entered the address onto GrubHub.com, a free service that not only displays all the restaurants that deliver to wherever you are, but provides access to thousands of menus and allows users to order directly online or by phone. You can search by neighborhood or cuisine, read reviews, get coupons, and quickly find out what if any delivery charges apply. Yes, you can follow them on Twitter (@GrubHub) and yes, they have an iPhone app. You need never leave home or office again.

GrubHub.com launched today in Los Angeles; they currently operate in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The site was founded in 2004 by two Chicago-based software engineers who, I guess, got really tired of Domino's.

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