You know how sometimes in job interviews they ask, “If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?”

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago, my standard answer to that question has been, “Music editor for L.A. Weekly.”

Landing your dream job is a strange feeling. It’s elating, humbling, and more than a little terrifying. You don’t want to screw it up.


Fortunately, I have a great template to follow, thanks to my predecessor, Ben Westhoff. Under Ben’s guidance, L.A. Weekly’s music coverage became livelier and more diverse. We escaped the music blog echo chamber of “Pitchfork bands” and expanded our coverage of hip-hop, punk, metal and EDM. We didn’t shy away from controversy – or frivolity. We have much to be proud of (yes, even the frivolous stuff).

But honestly, we still haven’t even scratched the surface of this amazing city of ours.

Los Angeles is both the world capital of the music industry and home to more sub-cultures, from Cambodian rap to powerviolence, than any other city in America. We produce a bewildering array of homegrown talent, and attract ambitious musicians, singers, DJs, rappers and producers from all over the world. People come here to chase their dreams, reinvent themselves, and change the culture. We want to tell their stories: the improbable successes, the beautiful losers, and everyone in between.

Above all, we want to continue to surprise, delight and enlighten our readers. At times, we may challenge or even infuriate you. At others, we’ll probably disappoint you. But through it all, I hope we can continue to have a dialogue with you. West Coast Sound is as much your blog as it is ours.

So I encourage you to reach out. Hit us up with your comments, feedback, ideas and criticism. Leave a comment, or contact me directly at I’m also on Twitter (@andyhermannLA), and I’m usually the one at the controls of our West Coast Sound Twitter account (@LAWeeklyMusic) and Facebook page.

I’m elated and humbled to be your new music editor. This is gonna be fun.

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