You know it wouldn't be the holidaze without some seriously grinchy stories coming at ya. Yesterday we told you how L.A. city officials and police cracked down on fake designer crap (and DVDs) your mom buys.

Now comes word that the crack, highly paid folks at U.S. Customs and Border Protection definitely had your back this week because they seized … decorative Christmas reindeer figures!

Way to secure those borders, guys. (We just hope that while the agents were inpsecting these strange decorations Osama Bin Ladin didn't slip through disguised as surfer Rob Machado).

The holiday figures were apparently/allegedly made from grass that came from prohibited, possibly diseased seeds. If true, this is some serious Chia-crime.

The dark-green items would raise our suspicions too. They look like props out of a Cheech & Chong movie.

According to a CPB statement:

” … The reindeer were made of grass material which contained seeds that could be propagated. The blades of the grass also showed possible disease symptoms. Seeds for propagation that are not accompanied by an appropriate plant health certificate (which this passenger did not provide) are prohibited entry into the United States.”

The figures were found in the luggage a man who had arrived at LAX from El Salvador, authorities said.

“Our agriculture specialists protect America's agriculture by using their scientific expertise to prevent the introduction of harmful pests and plant diseases,” said CPB's acting director in L.A., Carlos Martel.

Authorities reminded folks not to bring weird plants, seeds or shrubbery or anything living into the U.S. without checking with the USDA first. (Hear that, Kurtis Blow?).

LA Weekly