The only thing more twisted than telling a toddler you have candy in your trench coat is telling a nice elderly lady you're her grandson and need money for bail.

The Arcadia Police Department warned residents this morning that there's a “Grandparent Scammer” on the loose — a classic type of prankster who calls elderly people pretending to be their grandchild, then asks for emergency money. Even more cleverly, the creeper sometimes asks, “Don't you know who this is?”

We know how boring Arcadia can get, but preying on Alzheimer's is so not funny, dude.

In recent weeks, officers have received two reports of the scammer, who went so far as to have an accomplice impersonate an officer on the other line.

One victim even wired those losers the cash. They're that good.

Turns out Grandparent Scams are sort of hot right now: In the last month, there was a successful robbery in Oklahoma and an arrest in Toronto. Careful, that last one's a “Grandparents Blog.” Yeah, those exist. And have you heard of Granny Phone Sex? That also exists.

Arcadia police warned residents:

“These suspects are predators hoping for an emotional response. Let good judgment and reason guide you. Your legitimate loved one would understand and welcome your concern.”

They're right. A true grandchild wouldn't take your money before making you feel like it was your idea in the first place.

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