Confronting the cops via rocket launcher isn't just for gamers anymore. At the annual LAPD Gun Buyback over the weekend, someone actually turned in a military “anti-tank” rocket launcher, reports City News Service.

The buyback allows civilians to turn in their firearms — no questions asked — in exchange for Ralphs or VISA gift cards ranging from $100 to $200, depending on the weapon.

But because this launcher was only a “training-type weapon”…

… the LAPD media-relations office tells us that “we think they only got $100.”

Which is kind of sad, really. One measly Benjamin for a rocket launcher? Dude (or lady, we suppose) could have gotten a hell of a lot more than $100 on the black market. And that way, according to the pro-gun prophecies of Sons of Liberty L.A., the seller wouldn't be supporting the mayor's brainwashy Gun Buyback Program:

“The City/Regime wants to condition the public to the idea that they are safer if they are defenseless, disarmed. This is a fraud. It needs to be exposed so that people, especially women will have and use the best means available to defend themselves, that usually means a firearm.”

Anyway, back to the real-life “Grand Theft Auto IV” epilogue at the LAPD's Administration Building this morning. The Los Angeles Times has a photo of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa inspecting the thing with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and they look like two kids in a candy store. (Even though the launcher was “sans rocket.” Boo.)

Cut to “GTA” star Niko Bellick, launching one of his crazed slow-mo rocket attacks on a Liberty City Police Department helicopter:

A total of 1,673 firearms were exchanged for gift cards last weekend. Other gems included “a pair of pocket pistols worth an estimated $2,000 and an illegal belt-buckle pistol,” according to City News.

Chief Beck announced at today's press conference that since the buyback program was launched (no pun intended) in 2009, gun violence has fallen almost 20 percent throughout the city. And we're thinking the myriad 'copter cops of L.A.'s noisy skies might be breathing a sigh of relief this year, too.

“What are assault weapons like these doing on the streets of Los Angeles?” asked the mayor. “You're not hunting ducks with this stuff.”

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