For those of you who do not read GQ for photos of Jessica Alba or sartorial advice but for other things, like restaurant news, Alan Richman has picked The 10 Best New Restaurants in America. Welcome to the year's end. New York City's Lincoln takes the top spot, followed by Flour + Water in San Francisco and The Kitchen at Brooklyn Fare in, of course, Brooklyn.

Number 4? The Tasting Kitchen in Venice. (Read Jonathan Gold's review here. He liked it an awful lot too.) It was the only Los Angeles restaurant to be named, and one of three in California, as Commis in Oakland came in at number 9. As for what to wear to chef Casey Lane's Abbot Kinney restaurant, or any of the others, you'll have to read GQ. We can't help you there, unless you're into pasties and G-strings, which we're not sure the folks at The Tasting Kitchen would much appreciate. But what do we know. For the complete list, turn the page.

1. Lincoln — New York, NY (“Almost Instantly, America's Most Intelligent Italian Restaurant”)

2. Flour + Water — San Francisco, CA (“The Neighborhood Restaurant You Want in Your Neighborhood”)

3. The Kitchen at Brooklyn Fare — Brooklyn, NY (“All of a Sudden, the Toughest Table in New York”)

4. The Tasting Kitchen — Venice, CA (“Free-Form French, with Italian Variants and a Sushi-Style Sensibility”)

5. Grüner — Portland, OR (“What's a Restaurant Like This Doing in a Place Like Portland”)

6. The Walrus and the Carpenter — Seattle, WA (“See What the Boys (and Girls) in the Back Room Will Have”)

7. Uchiko — Austin, TX (“Fruit 'n' Fish, the New Fun Flavor Combination”)

8. Menton — Boston, MA (“A Chef from the Projects Gets Posh”)

9. Commis — Oakland, CA (“Neighborhood Haute Cuisine on a Most Improbable Block”)

10. Longman & Eagle — Chicago, IL (“A First: Fine Dining Goes Neo-Flophouse”)

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