GovPlus Launches First Passport Application Service, Saving Significant Time and Effort for Both Public and Government

GovPlus, announces the launch of its unique new passport application service for people who have never had a passport. The new service intends to assist millions of Citizens in the United States to get their first passport by making an otherwise cumbersome application process quick, easy, and convenient. Reports indicate that only 56% of American adults own a valid passport. In addition, realizing that the confusing and outdated application procedures make it difficult for applicants, GovPlus has embarked on a mission to develop a revolutionary passport application system.

GovPlus ensures an absolutely hassle-free experience for applicants by eliminating a substantial number of hurdles in the application process. Issues like confusing government websites, mistakes while filling out the application, accessing the right document required, unavoidable delays in the process, long queues in the government offices, uncertainty regarding the application status, need to visit notaries to get documents attested and a number of other challenges can be overcome with a single visit on the GovPlus website. Each step in the application process has been automated in the platform by leveraging the scope of artificial intelligence.

The technology developed by GovPlus makes the process including application, certificate submission, photo uploading, and fee payment quick and error-free. GovPlus allows the applicants to fill in a simple form with the necessary information required for a first passport application. The platform itself will autofill the application with the necessary paperwork based on the information provided by the applicant.

When it comes to taking and uploading passport-size photos, the current system on the government platforms is infamous for its outdated and traditional procedures. It requires the applicants to visit a photographer and take a picture which most often fails in terms of its appeal, clarity, and required size. However, the GovPlus platform leverages artificial intelligence that enables the applicant to take a selfie and upload it to the platform. GovPlus technology transforms that selfie into a government-approved clear and beautiful passport-size photo, meeting the requirements.

In addition, the new platform helps applicants to navigate the hurdles they encounter while paying a fee by allowing them to pay the amount with the platform instead of paying through a traditional cheque. “Our aim is to make the passport application process easy and convenient for people across the country. We are proud to receive a significant customer base within such a short period. We make the process convenient by avoiding procedural and technical delays, and payment issues for those who are not familiar with cheques”, says  Guy Lelouch, CEO and co-founder of GovPlus.

The platform also assists the applicants to avoid confusion regarding the amount of fees they need to pay based on their specific requirements. While the fees are different for each service like new passport, passport renewal, lost passport, etc, applicants often make mistakes causing unnecessary delays in their application. GovPlus ensures that the application is error-free and accurate by delivering a ready-to-submit application to the applicant. In addition, an expert from the platform thoroughly reviews the application form before its final submission. This way GovPlus reduces error and delays and eliminates bureaucratic inefficiencies and red tapism.

Under the visionary leadership of Guy Lelouch, the platform has established itself as a reliable and efficient system serving millions of customers across the country. By transforming the government application realm with technology and innovation, GovPlus continues to receive significant praise from both the public and government entities. The platform has received significant appreciation from government entities, for making the applications foolproof and perfect in the very first attempt itself. Going forward GovPlus seeks to optimize more government forms and provide people with more hassle-free and easygoing application experiences.

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