Gov. Gavin Newsom was attacked in downtown Oakland Thursday, as he made his way to a local barbershop and pizzeria to speak on small businesses.

It is alleged that the suspect threw a water bottle at Newsom and his security detail immediately removed him from the area, according to the East Bay Times.

A 54-year-old suspect was arrested and booked at Santa Rita jail for “investigation of resisting an executive officer and assaulting a public official,” according to California Highway Patrol officials.

“This morning, the Governor was approached by an aggressive individual,” CHP said in an statement.  “Members of the Governor’s security detail removed the Governor from the situation and the individual was arrested by CHP officers.”

It is believed the suspect may have been homeless and suffering from mental health issues, according to the Associated Press.

It did not appear that Newsom was injured and he continued with his visit to Beastmode barbershop and Graffiti Pizza.

The suspect’s arraignment hearing is scheduled for Monday at the East County Hall of Justice in Dublin, with bail set at $35,000.

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