If you're a restaurant owner with a struggling business, odds are having Gordon Ramsay invade your kitchen and your life is not exactly the fix-it you have in mind. But then maybe it is. File it under the heading: Food & Masochism, or perhaps just I Wanna Be On TV. Because Ramsay's reality show Kitchen Nightmares (Want to be part of a waking nightmare? Join our show!) is currently casting their 5th season.

Of course part of the fun of this, depending on your point of view, is that not only do they want to solicit restaurant owners, but the casting directors are also wanting suggestions from you, dear readers. Know of any restaurants that might fit the bill? Let them know. Consider it a kind of brutal form of community service.

To quote from the “flier”: “Is your restaurant struggling and in need of Gordon's expertise?

How many more bad reviews can you take? Is your staff sabotaging your restaurant? Is your food lacking flair?” If so, and if you can take what Ramsay will probably dish out — on national television — then call the casting department at (310) 313-9100 or email them at KitchenNightmares@TheConlinCompany.com. You can also download the application or apply online at www.theconlincompany.com. A few caveats: the restaurant in question “must have been open for at least one year, offer dinner service, not be a franchise or chain and have at least 35 seats.” Thus if you're a discouraged Denny's franchise owner, you're going to have to find another elaborate coping mechanism.

Fox is currently airing episodes of Kitchen Nightmares' fourth season on Friday nights at 6 p.m. PST.

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