Poor Gordo.

The four-month-old pit bull mix was taken into the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center last week by a good Samaritan after he suffered a broken elbow at the hands, apparently, of his drug-crazed owner.

The L.A. County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care is asking for your donations to help him get the surgery he needs:

The department says his owner, “under the influence of drugs,” threw the pup against a wall and kicked him repeatedly. That could be a felony, but the douche remains at-large — and the investigation continues. Meanwhile …

Credit: L.A. County

Credit: L.A. County

… Gordo needs pricey surgery to repair a “fractured lateral condyle,” according to the department.

Animal Control director Marcia Mayeda:

He's got a great personality and will make a wonderful companion pet when he heals … We are fortunate that Gordo is still alive …

Make your donations, and we know you will, here. (And don't all fight over Gordo).

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