If there aren't presently a whole lot of great places to eat in and around Menlo Park, California, there will be soon. Or at least you'll be able to map them really well. Today Google announced that it is buying Zagat for an undisclosed amount.

Founded by Tim and Nina Zagat 32 years ago, Zagat publishes rectangular maroon restaurant guides to over 100 cites. The guides have become increasingly useful now that the Michelin Guides have stopped publishing in some cities, including Los Angeles. As Google's Google's Vice President of local, maps and location services Marissa Mayer tweeted: “Delightful deal done; Zagat and Google now one; foodies have more fun! goo.gl/Gwnxg #gogooglelocal.” Maybe Google will buy Twitter next. Or Yelp. A monopoly is not always a terrible idea.

LA Weekly