Los Angeles users of farm-to-fridge online grocer Good Eggs have been unable to use the service for weeks — and likely won't be able to until late April at the earliest.

According to Good Eggs communications manager Ally Khantzis, orders have been paused temporarily while building permits for the company's year-old Foodhub building — a 9,000-square-foot pick-up point, office headquarters and warehouse space in Elysian Valley — get sorted out.

“The work we have to do involves a bit of construction, so we're estimating six to eight weeks of downtime,” she told L.A. Weekly. “We're most definitely planning on reopening once the work is done, and our L.A. team is helping with company projects and pitching in at our other Foodhubs in the meantime.”

Since 2013, the San Francisco-based company has let Angelenos shop online for goods from local farmers and small producers (like Jimenez Family Farm and Sqirl), which can either be delivered or picked up at a number of citywide locations. 

On February 20, Good Eggs' local microsite first posted a service-interruption notice announcing a temporary halt on all orders and deliveries. 

“Last week, we discovered that an oversight on our part had prevented us from having our building permits properly registered with L.A. County,” the note says. “This was our mistake, and we’re working closely with L.A. County officials to resolve the issue.” 

If you truly can't imagine a life where groceries are not ordered through a computer, feel free to try out some of the other grocery delivery services available in L.A.

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