Unsubstantiated rumors can be fun, if they're funny rumors, or if they in turn generate some good feedback. Which is just what Golden State's Jason Bernstein would love to have from you, dear readers, about whether or not to locate a second burger palace in Culver City. Recent rumors had the Fairfax Avenue restaurant looking to open a location in the neighborhood. Which isn't true. At all. Yet. When we emailed him, Bernstein wrote this back:

Unfortunately we haven't locked any plans for expansion for Culver City at this time. It would be a great place for a Golden State though. It has a wonderful sense of community. That said, we would actually LOVE feedback from Squid Ink readers. We would appreciate knowing if residents of Culver City want us to become a part of their community or not. Maybe they can suggest a terrific location for us to look at…

Okay, then. Comment below. Most people we asked, like in the adjacent cubicles, were highly in favor of the location, because then they wouldn't have to drive over to West Hollywood in crap traffic. We could just walk.

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