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Contact:  Damon

Company:  American Soda Machines

Phone:  303-XXX-XXXX

Email:  info@americansodamachines.com

Web:  www.americansodamachines.com

Customized Vintage Soda Machines



For anyone who loves music, a themed soda machine in their home, music studio, or business is a cool way keep beverages cold – no matter the alcohol content.  These machines can alternately be adorned with the picture of a famous singer or composer, the logo of a favorite band or album cover, a particular instrument, or whatever the buyer wants.


In addition to restoring vintage soda machines with the familiar Coke and Pepsi motifs, Denver-based American Soda Machines (ASM) customizes these beverage icons into all kinds of themes for individual buyers. ASM fittingly refers to a customized machine as “re-made to order”.

Where the bespoke machines get installed is often a very fitting home…like an airplane themed machine being located in a hanger, or an equine decorated dispenser being placed in barn. Likewise, car themed pop machines often end up in garages, and movie tribute machines get placed in home theater rooms.

By customizing these machines, ASM is just further tapping into an existing love affair with these relics.

For over half a century, soda machines have been a fixture of American life. There have been multiple makes, models, and manufacturers over the years. The three primary classifications or styles of soda machines are sliders, round tops, and square top machines.

While the American Soda Machines restores and sells all three of these type machines, the square tops provide the best “canvas” for customization. There are also several makes and models of these square top machines. The one ASM most often uses is the Vendo 63 made by the Vendo company during the 1960s.

This Vendo 63 provides nice clean lines for the re-made to order creations. Its nice compact size (53″H x 27.5″W x 21.5″ D) makes it easy to fit into a home, office, or wherever a buyer wants to put it. The machine can also be made to vend either bottles or cans.

The ASM art department can create just about anything a customer wants.

High resolution photos of this or any of our customized machines are available upon request. (We grant your art staff permission to further customize a machine in Photoshop with an image(s) that may have even greater appeal to your audience!)

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