Quentin Tarantino's March Madness, a month of handpicked programming, continues at the New Beverly with chopsocky double feature The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious and Fearless Fighters. Made in Taiwan in 1976, The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious kung-fus its way through a twisty plot involving a wandering street fighter sought by police, an undercover agent in a gang of counterfeiters and a ninja girl out for revenge. The kicks are swift and the pain is palpable, which is probably why Tarantino likes it. Fearless Fighters, produced in Hong Kong in 1971, pulls no punches when it comes to high kicks and flying leaps, nor when it comes to the ridiculous dubbed dialogue. Let's call it “fun-fu.”

Tue., March 22, 7:30 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly