Glowskulls Do Voodoo in Long Beach: “There’s a lot of stretching going on before the show,” Voodoo Glowskulls frontman Frank Casillas told us back in 2016. “We’re in a van all day, and it’s important to do that. At the end of the tour, and in fact every night, we’re pretty sore… We still have an old-school, hardcore, audience-participation mentality.” See for yourself in Long Beach. DFL, Informal Society and Teen Mortgage also perform.

“It can get a bit testy for some of the other guys in the band — going on tour with three brothers isn’t always easy,” Casillas continued. “We don’t fight and argue as much as we used to, but there is that sibling thing going on, so sometimes some of the other guys are subjected to it. Most of our arguments are because we’re passionate about what we do, and either somebody screwed up onstage or we’re just critiquing ourselves pretty badly. It’s definitely the secret to our longevity. We’re brothers and we can get over things. Other bands would get into an argument like we do, and the next day it’s over. People are flying home. We just get over it and continue.”

Of ska, he said: “Ska music just has this appeal. The rhythm and the vibe, the underlying Jamaican music. It has a lot of similarities to Latin music. We’re a product of our environment. Right now, particularly in L.A., there is a very strong Chicano/Latin American underground scene. A lot of these younger bands consider us the godfathers of what they’re doing. We’re been fortunate enough to have people across the music [scene] who have handed the music down, so we have families now at our shows. There are a lot of people that were doing what we’re doing before us. But there will always be an audience for ska.”

Glowskulls Do Voodoo in Long Beach: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 17 at Alex’s Bar.

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