For about as long as we've known them, three-man DJ crew the Glitch Mob — EdIT, Ooah and Boreta — have been inextricably linked to the Low End Theory family, a tight-knit crew whose paternal figurehead is Alpha Pup Records founder “Daddy Kev” Moo. A handful of artists affiliated with the influential Lincoln Heights club — Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Nocando — actually have their own imprints under the greater Alpha Pup umbrella and quite possibly until now, the Glitch boys did too.

A recent Mob-related inquiry to Moo's people revealed that “Alpha Pup is no longer releasing the upcoming Glitch Mob album,” which is another as-long-as-we've-known-them sort of thing — the group's full-length debut has been a long time coming, and perhaps now we know why.

Or at the very least, we can speculate. What's known for sure is that the Mob's album will be titled Drink the Sea and it's due out May 25 on the band's own Glass Air label. Note that this is a brand new imprint — the production team's Alpha Pup subsidiary is/was named Glitch Mob Unlimited. A call put in to Moo confirmed that Alpha Pup will continue to work and distribute all previous G.M.U. releases (which include solo outings from each member; as well as the slamming Mob mixtape, Crush Mode [UPDATE: Crush Mode is a self-released freebie]) as well as any forthcoming ones, but that it's unclear whether any more will be forthcoming. With the announcement of a new Mob-run imprint, that seems unlikely.

More info and Drink the Sea cover art after the jump.

What also seems unlikely is that the Glitch Mob would leave Alpha Pup — an established digital distributor with fast-rising artistic cachet and a revolutionary business model — in order to simply self-release its new album. More likely (speculation alert) it's a power move that will align the crew with a major label or a larger, more established indie, or, like, Diplo. An inquiry put in with the Mob's management (Shoot To Kill Music) and publicity representation (Magnum PR) was unanswered at press time. West Coast Sound will keep you hipped to any updates.

In the meantime, here's the pretty damn great cover of Drink the Sea:

drink the sea cover

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