We thought we'd seen the end of FreshStepGate 2010, but some enterprising young reporter has actually managed to get Glenn Danzig on the horn about his recent kitty litter purchase.

O – M – G – !

Yeah, we're totes excited to hear what he said too. I mean, there are so many ways a conversation can go after some rando with a camera's snapped a shot of you doing something incredibly mundane, albeit oddly poetic.

Actually, we were being sarcastic, but really, would it have killed Danzig to acknowledge, or at least chuckle at, the oddity of seeing a muscle-bound angel of death tip-toe through the Target lot toting a box of kitty poo-poo collector? Doesn't he get the meme thing? Didn't he see the video?

Guess not. Though, we're hoping Sean Cannon at Buzzgrinder releases the audio of his interview with Evil Elvis. Danzig growling, “Let's talk about the tour, man,” over a still of the original offending image has the makings of a real nice YTMND.

Buzzgrinder: I don't know if you noticed, but a couple of weeks ago, a photo of you carrying some cat supplies home from the grocery hit the internet and …

Danzig: I don't care about that.

BG: I didn't think so, but …

GD: Hey, you know what, why do people even care? Why are they wasting their lives on this? [Laughs.]

BG: I guess it's just a weird thing, because there aren't many musicians who people …

GD: Follow with cameras? [Laughs.]

BG: Exactly. There aren't many people who are Glenn Danzig.

GD: Yeah, but you know what? I just play music, you know what I mean? That's what I want to spend my time talking about. […] So you know, let's talk about the tour, man.

Hey, Glenn. Let the guy finish a sentence. Inquiring minds want to know. Did it clump like it was supposed to? Keep your eyes on Buzzgrinder's “Danzig Watch 2010.” Chances are, they'll beat us to the scoop. (Nyuk, nyuk.)

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