Hey, guys: Let's take a patrol car to Vegas. No way. Way!

That conversation, or something like it, was the likely beginning of the end for a trio of Glendale police officers, who this month are out of a job after they reportedly took a cop car on a Vegas (party?) run.

How cool would it have been to cruise down the strip in an out-of-town black-and-white? The big question, is, of course:

Was the the hangover of a lifetime worth it?

[NSFW video]:

Only these three — Patrick Hamblin, Fernando Salmeron and Mike Ullerich — will ever really know.

We can say this. The trio will forever be a legend in the annals of Southern California policing. And, we have to say, these are three badges we wouldn't mind partying with ourselves.

The firing, or, in city parlance, separation, comes as part of what appears to be a larger problem with cop behavior in the little city of Glendale, according to the Glendale News Press/Los Angeles Times, which has/have been all over this story:

City officials are continuing to investigate claims that a number of other officers engaged in misconduct, including that one who allegedly had an affair with the estranged wife of a man he arrested. Another allegedly made a sexual solicitation, and one was reported for creating a hostile work environment. A fourth officer was allegedly involved in an off-duty road-rage incident in Burbank.

[Added]: Glendale city spokesman Tom Lorenz confirmed to the Weekly that the three “are no longer employed by the city of Glendale.” But he could not say if they were connected to the Vegas incident. (The News Press/Times cited unnamed sources for that tidbit).

This is the San Diego State of police departments. We mean that as a compliment.


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